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Tech Series (Series 100)


  • Basic and Applied Electronics

  • Electronics component Display Board

  • Digital Electronics

S. N. Basic & Applied Electronics Model No.
1 Diodes Characteristics (Semiconductor, Zener, Schottky, Light Emitting, Varactor Diode) SEC-TS-101
2 Semiconductor Devices Characteristics Trainer [Diodes Semiconductor, Zener), Transistor (BJT,UJT,MOSFET), Photo Diode Photo Transistor, LDR, SCR,DIAC,TRIAC ] SEC-TS-102
3 BJT Transistor Characteristics SEC-TS-103
4 Characteristics of Photo Devices (Photo Diode, Photo Transistor, LED & LDR) SEC-TS-104
5 Diode Rectifiers,filters and Regulators SEC-TS-105
6 Voltage Regulator Trainer SEC-TS-106
7 Transistor Biasing Trainer SEC-TS-107
8 Transistor Amplfiers (CE,CB,CC, Class A,B,C) SEC-TS-108
9 Pushpull Transistor Amplifier (Class A, B, AB , CS) SEC-TS-109
10 Single and Multi stage Transistor Amplfier ( CE,CB,CC, Multi- Direct, RC Coupled and Transformer coupled) SEC-TS-110
11 Transistor Feedback topology SEC-TS-111
12 BJT,FET & MOSFET Amplifier SEC-TS-112
13 Transistor Oscillators SEC-TS-113
14 Transitor Multivibrator SEC-TS-114
15 Transistorized waveshaping Circuit (Clipper, Clamper, Miller sweep, Schmitt Trigger, Voltage and Current Time base Generator) SEC-TS-115

* Specifications & Design of the product are subject to change without any prior notice due to constant up gradation & availability of components.