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Network Circuits & Bridges (Series 600)

S. N. Particulars Model No.
1 Ohm’s Law SE-601
2 Kirchoff’s Current Law (KCVL) SE-602
3 Kirchoff’s Voltage Law (KVL) SE-603
4 Kirchoff’s Laws (KCL & KVL) SE-604
5 Maxwell Loop Current method SE-605
6 RC Series Resonance SE-606
7 RC Parallel Resonance SE-607
8 RC Series & Parallel Resonance SE-608
9 RL Series Resonance SE-609
10 RL Parallel Resonance SE-610
11 RL Series & Parallel Resonance SE-611
12 RLC Series Resonance SE-612
13 RLC Parallel Resonance SE-613
14 RLC Series & Parallel Resonance SE-614
15 RC Lead Circuit SE-615
16 RC Lag Circuit SE-616
17 RC lead and Lag Circuit SE-617
18 RC & LC Circuit SE-618
19 Thevenin’s Theorem SE-619
20 Norton’s Theorem SE-620
21 Millman’s Theorem SE-621
22 Superposition Theorem SE-622
23 Reciprocity Theorem SE-623
24 Maximum Power Transfer Theorem SE-624
25 Tellegan's Theorem SE-625
26 Duality Theorem SE-626
27 Compensation Theorem SE-627
28 Thevenin’s, Norton’s Theorem SE-628
29 Maximum Power, Reciprocity and Superposition Theorem SE-629
30 Two Port Network for Z & Y Parameters SE-630
31  Two Port Network for ABCD Parameters SE-631
32 Two Port Network for h & g Parameters SE-632
33 Wheatstone Bridge SE-633
34 Kelvin’s Bridge (Double bridge) SE-634
35 Maxwell’s Bridge SE-635
36 Hay’s Bridge SE-636
37 Owen’s Bridge SE-637
38 Desauty’s Bridge SE-638
39 Anderson’s Bridge SE-639
40 Schering Bridge SE-640
41 Wein Bridge SE-641
42 Capacitor Charging & Discharging SE-642
43 Step Response of RC First order Circuit SE-643
44 Step Response of RLC Second order Circuit SE-644
45 Capacitance of Series Combinations SE-645
46 Capacitance of Parallel Combinations SE-646
47 Pie to T Network Converter SE-647
48 T to Pie Network Converter SE-648
49 Pie to T and T to Pie Network Converter SE-649
50 Constant K-Type Low Pass Filter SE-650
51 Constant K-Type High Pass Filter SE-651
52 Constant K-Type Band Pass Filter SE-652
53 Constant K-Type Band Reject Pass Filter SE-653
54 Constant M-Type Low Pass Filter SE-654
55 Constant M-Type High Pass Filter SE-655
56 Constant M-Type Band Pass Filter SE-656
57 Constant M-Type Band Reject Pass Filter SE-657
58 Constant K-Type Passive Filter Trainer SE-658
59 Constant M-Type Passive Filter Trainer SE-659
60 RC Low, High & Band Pass Filter SE-660
61 Resistance of Series Combinations SE-661
62 Resistance of Parallel Combinations SE-662

* Specifications & Design of the product are subject to change without any prior notice due to constant up gradation & availability of components.