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Instrumentation & Control System (Series 1000)

S No. Particulars Model No.
1 Characteristics of RTD Complete Setup SE-1001
2 Characteristics of Thermocouple Complete Setup SE-1002
3 Characteristics of Thermister Complete Setup SE-1003
4 Characteristics of RTD & Thermister Complete Setup SE-1004
5 Temperature Measurement using RTD SE-1005
6 Temperature Measurement using Thermister SE-1006
7 Temperature Measurement using Thermocouple SE-1007
8 ON/OFF Controller using RTD/ Thermocouple (any one) SE-1008
9 Transducer Trainer (RTD , Thermister, Thermocouple) SE-1009
10 Calibration of temperature measuring system complete setup with standard temperature indicator , heating arrangement SE-1010
11 Characteristics of Temp Sensor IC LM 355 SE-1011
12 Characteristics of NTC Bridge SE-1012
13 Op-Amp as Non Inverting Amplifier with Thermister feedback SE-1013
14 Diode as Thermistor Device SE-1014
15 To Study the Transistor as Temperature Sensor SE-1015
16 Measurement of Strain using Strain Gauge (Digital Display) SE-1016
17 Measurement of Load using Load Cell SE-1017
18 Measurement of Pressure using Pressure Transducer (Digital Display) SE-1018
19 Measurement of Linear Displacement using LVDT (Digital) SE-1019
20 Open Loop Control System SE-1020
21 Closed Loop Control System SE-1021
22 AC Position Control System SE-1022
23 DC Position Control System SE-1023
24 Proportional (P) Control System SE-1024
25 Proportional Integral (PI) Control System SE-1025
26 Proportional Integral Derivates (PID) Control System SE-1025
27 P,PI,PID Control System- Temperature control SE-1027
28 Characteristic of Potentiometer & its loading Effect SE-1028
29 Potentiometer as an Error Detector SE-1029
30 Linear & Logarithmic Potentiometer Characteristic SE-1030
31 Speed measurement using Transducer Complete setup SE-1031
32 To Study the Voltage Divider Network using LDR SE-1032
33 Flow measurement using Rota meter , Orifice, Venturi tube complete setup SE-1033
34 Humidity Measurement complete setup SE-1034
35 Pressure measurement using Burdon Tube, Pressure gauge complete setup SE-1035
36 Capacitive Displacement Transducer SE-1036
37 Sensors Trainer SE-1037

* Specifications & Design of the product are subject to change without any prior notice due to constant up gradation & availability of components.