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Industrial Electronics (Series 400)


S No. Section : B - SCR Turn-ON & Turn-Off (Commutation) Circuits Model No.
1 SCR Gate Triggering using DC Voltage (R Triggering) SA-401
2 SCR Gate Triggering using UJT Relaxation Oscillator SA-402
3 SCR Gate Triggering using Square Wave Pulse SA-403
4 SCR Gate Triggering using RC Network SA-404
5 SCR Gate Triggering using AC Voltage SA-405
6 SCR Class A Commutation SA-406
7 SCR Class B Commutation SA-407
8 SCR Class C Commutation SA-408
9 SCR Class D Commutation SA-409
10 SCR Class E Commutation SA-410
11 SCR Class F Commutation SA-411
12 SCR Gate Triggering (Turn-ON Methods) Trainer SA-412
13 SCR Force Commutation (Turn-OFF Methods)Trainer All Types SA-413
14 SCR R (DC) and RC Gate Triggering SA-414

* Specifications & Design of the product are subject to change without any prior notice due to constant up gradation & availability of components.